About Gifts to Share, Inc.

Gifts to Share, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supporting the City of Sacramento’s park, recreation, cultural, educational and neighborhood improvement programs and facilities, and those of its partners.

Incorporated in 1985, Gifts to Share, Inc. provides fiscal sponsor services, training and project planning assistance, and seed-money grants. Customers include City of Sacramento Staff, partner agencies, community based organizations and volunteers. The Board of Directors includes community volunteers and the Mayor of Sacramento.

Gifts to Share, Inc Board of Directors
Karolyn W. Simon, President
Patti Bisharat, Vice President
Michael A. Whipple, Secretary
Fran Barker, Treasurer
Former Mayor Heather Fargo
Debra Mack
Brian May
Jim Moose
Ralph Pettingell

Lori Harder, Executive Director
Gudrun Snyder, Administrative Analyst



Information Contact
Gudrun Snyder (gsnyder@cityofsacramento.org), Gifts to Share, Inc., at (916) 808-7982.

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