Start-Up Grants

A mini-grant program to provide seed money for new endeavors and partnerships

Application deadlines are March 1st, June 1st, September 1st and December 1st

The Board of Directors invites applications from those who:

  • Have a project or program idea that fits the purpose of Gifts to Share, Inc., which is: to support and enhance the City of Sacramento’s park, recreation, cultural, educational, wellness-related and neighborhood improvement programs and facilities, and those of its partners or citizens of Sacramento.
  • Want to launch a new project, program, or leverage an existing one to reach new audiences.
  • Need up to $1,000 in seed money.

Examples of successful proposals
Photographs of two projects

To apply for a Start-Up Grant, submit a brief proposal that specifically responds to the following:

  1. Give a description of the proposed project or program.
  2. What is the need for the project or program?
  3. Who will benefit from the project or program?
  4. Describe how the project or program fits the purpose of Gifts to Share, Inc.? (Do not answer by repeating our purpose statement.)
  5. What is the dollar amount you are requesting? $1,000 is the maximum you can request.
  6. How will the grant money be spent? Include a budget for the requested amount.
  7. What is the total projected budget (in addition to your grant request)? Give a breakdown of costs.
  8. If the total budget is more than $1,000, how are you going to secure the rest of the funds you need?
  9. What is the projected time frame including projected start date, duration, and completion date?
  10. How will results be measured and feedback given to the Board of Directors?
    Contact name, phone number, fax number and email address for your project or program.

*The Grant Review Committee will not consider proposals that do not answer each item specifically

An emphasis will be placed on those proposals that are meant to be either self-supporting over time and/or increase services through new partnerships. The project or program idea can come from City staff, community groups, service providers, businesses, volunteers or citizens of Sacramento.

A committee of the Board of Directors will evaluate proposals and either return with a decision or ask for more information within an appropriate amount of time. You have three ways to submit your proposal:

    – Mail it to Gudrun Snyder at 915 I Street, Fifth Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814
– Fax it to Gudrun Snyder at (916) 808-7643
– Email it

If you have any questions or want to discuss a proposal, please call Gudrun Snyder, of Gifts to Share, Inc., at (916) 808-7982.

Project Examples

Projects that have been funded include:

  • Equipment and supplies such as shovels, rakes, hoses and automowers to create gardening programs at various elementary schools.
  • Specialized weightlifting equipment to launch a 50+ Wellness program in partnership with the YMCA and the City’s Older Adult Services Section.
  • Promotion & equipment for a first annual clean up day with merchant groups, neighborhood groups, and the City of Sacramento.
  • Promotion and partial supplies to enable the City of Sacramento to launch a second respite care site at a local church for those caring for family members with Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Initial painting supplies and outreach materials for first of several historic murals for commercial buildings along Broadway in Oak Park.
  • Supplies for the first annual holiday window painting program along Broadway with Oak Park youth in partnership with neighborhood merchants and the Sacramento Food Bank.

Proposals that have not been funded include:

  • Proposals to enhance one-day events, such as requests to pay for food, T-shirts, and/or awards.
  • Proposals for help with existing programs such as food, supplies, equipment, professional services.
  • Proposals to pay for services or fees to help a grGarden near Kenney Elem. Schooloup get organized, without any plans to execute specific projects or programs such as membership or filing fees.

Photos of Projects

Students, parents, teachers and staff at Keith B. Kenney Elementary School created this beautiful garden with help from Gifts to Share, Inc. for initial tools and supplies.

Garden in Oak ParkThe Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center, with neighborhood organizations in Oak Park, prepared this vacant lot for a garden, complete with a wrought iron fence, gate, and benches. A Start Up grant provided the “seed money” to get this project going.

Gifts to Share, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supporting the City of Sacramento’s park, recreation, cultural, educational and neighborhood improvement programs and facilities and those of its partners.