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Beyond the Bake Sale

Learn about a variety of innovative fund raising methods that were put into practice by our fund development staff which resulted in support totaling over $1,000,000 in three years. Beyond the Bake Sale lays out the framework necessary to establish a private sector fund raising program in-house. Written by Bill Moskin, past development officer for the Department of Parks and Community Services, and a nationally recognized speaker on earned and contributed income for public agencies and nonprofits.

Gift Catalogues

Park, recreation and cultural agencies nationwide have considered launching a gifts catalogue program, but lacked the tools to create an effective catalogue that would stimulate new community interest in their prgrams and services Since 1985, Gifts to Share, Inc. has had a successful gifts catalogue program that has been duplicated by many agencies. Following hundreds of requests for information, this practical step-by-step guide is ready to assist you. Includes useful tips on promotion and how to ask for donations.

The Volunteer Connection

The Volunteer Connection is designed to be an easy-to-use reference for anyone who works with volunteers. You will find helpful information on volunteer recruitment, placement, training, and recognition. Sample forms, memos, and letters are included that can be removed and copied. Written by Elizabeth Howard, former Director of Development Operations for the Music Center of Los Angeles, this handbook is based upon her direct experience with thousands ofvolunteers working on behalf of public agencies and nonprofits.

For More Information
For more information about these handbooks, please call or email Bengt Clarcksson (, Gifts to Share, Inc., at (916) 808-7982.